Steffi – I could never have imagined this weight loss despite lipedema

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Steffi Lipödem frei

To be pain-free and achieve her desired weight… Steffi could never have dreamed of that! For many years (especially after her diagnosis in 2014), she struggled with the negative consequences of her lipedema – until she became aware of Foodpunk and the lipedema program and her life turned 180 degrees. Now she is fitter than ever and finally feels comfortable in her body again!

After my diagnosis in 2014, my first pregnancy in 2016 triggered another surge.

Two years after being diagnosed with lipoedema, Steffi became pregnant. To support her health and alleviate her lipoedema pain, she initially tried to lose her excess weight with a low-carb diet – but was only partially successful. Despite slight weight loss, improved the feeling of tension and the pain did not. The severe pain in her upper arms and legs in particular, as well as all the standing she had to do while working in retail, was becoming increasingly difficult for her. In March of last year, her suffering became so great that something finally had to change!

At first, Steffi tried to get pregnant again with the help of hormone treatment, but after a miscarriage and further treatments, the second child she had been longing for unfortunately did not materialize.


In lipoedema, also known as water retention or swelling, the pain and weight gain are often caused by hormonal changes between the ages of 20 and 30. Pregnancy can often worsen the symptoms or trigger them for the first time. Especially during hormone treatment, for example due to a desire to have children, the hormones go on a rollercoaster and increase the symptoms.

If you would like to find out more about the so-called fat distribution disorder, take a look at our article“Lipoedema: When fat cells get out of control” .

A radical new start with Foodpunk

Before I discoveredFoodpunk via Caroline Sprott, who I’ve been following on social media for many years, I weighed 95 kilos and had always assumed that the ketogenic diet wasn’t feasible for me.” But that changed immediately! “After getting a first impression on the Foodpunk blog, I was full of drive and determined to finally give the keto diet a try… and before I knew it, I had signed up for my first membership.”

I am now a die-hard food punk

Steffi was soon able to achieve very good results. She quickly realized how tempting all the recipes and new combinations of ingredients were that she had never tried before. “The more confident I became with using the app, the more often I used the Fleaxmeal. I also really like the shopping list in the app… it’s really SO great and clear! And I’m already great at estimating what I should and can eat during the day. I’m now a die-hard food punk.”

I also got my husband on board. He is now slowly becoming a food punk 😉

Steffi has now reached her desired weight of around 70 kg and can finally say: “I feel fitter and more energetic than ever before in my life!” Steffi has achieved her dream body, but her journey is not over yet… She would like to shape her body a little more with targeted sport and counteract any ailments that may arise as she gets older!

I am so glad that I have managed to become pain free! And I could never have imagined this weight loss despite lipedema.

Steffi’s conclusion after her long but successful journey…“The fact is: once you’re foodpunk, you’ll want to stay that way! That’s definitely how it is for me :-)”

Thank you, dear Steffi, for sharing your story with us. We wish you all the best and every success on your future journey!

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