A look at the Foodpunk 'app

On this page we give you exclusive insights into the functions of our Foodpunk app. This will give you an initial overview of what to expect from our digital nutrition plans.

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All Features of the Foodpunk app

The secret of our individual recipes!

  • Scientifically sound algorithm
  • No standard recipes!
  • The Foodpunk app calculates ingredients individually, but always tasty!
  • The app takes intolerances into account
  • Your nutrition plans always with you!
  • A shopping list is generated automatically!
  • Experience the community in the app and exchange ideas with Foodpunkers!
  • Our Foodpunk team is available to you personally at any time!

With the Foodpunk app, you can keep an eye on your diet - anytime, anywhere. Practical features make meal planning, shopping and motivation easier. You only have to cook yourself.


Healthy nutrition 'to go

With the Foodpunk app, you can keep an eye on your diet - anytime, anywhere. Practical features make meal planning, shopping and motivation easier. You only have to cook yourself.

Nutrition plan

We create an individual nutrition plan with you – for you. We use your questionnaire to calculate your personal calorie and nutrient requirements. Do you have allergies, intolerances or foods that you simply don’t like? Do you want to eat a ketogenic, low carb, vegetarian or other diet? Mark it in the questionnaire and we will take it into account.

You can plan your week with all your meals in the app or conveniently via a browser. You can swap all the dishes around to suit your planning – whether you want to prepare fresh meals three times a day or mealprep once a week is entirely up to you. Maximum flexibility, maximum enjoyment.

Shopping list

Are you happy with your plan? Then simply transfer the ingredients to the shopping list with one click. The dates are freely selectable – regardless of whether you want to do the whole week’s shopping in one go or only need groceries for a specific day.

Individual recipes from your plan can also be transferred to the shopping list with one click. Do you need additional items such as baking paper? Just write it down under “Other”. When shopping, you can check off each product with a click. The digital shopping list gives you a complete overview – anytime and anywhere.

How to get #access

Want to be a foodpunk and use the app? Choose your membership, fill out the questionnaire and take the first step towards a healthy life full of power and enjoyment.

Construction kit

You’re on the road and need to be quick? No problem: the construction kit helps. All you need are 3 basic ingredients as a source of carbohydrates, fat and protein. The app calculates the ideal amount for your nutrient coverage in a matter of seconds.

Your creative streak is also catered for: if you want to design your own dish or simply “use up leftovers”, the FlexMeal function is ideal. You can flexibly enter foods there and create the perfect combination based on the nutritional values displayed. This ensures that you always have the right nutritional values in your dish, even as your own creative chef.


Do you want an extra challenge? There are challenges such as the 45-day Sugar Detox. Learn new positive habits and pull your body out of its comfortable routine.

Do you want to break through a weight plateau or generally achieve greater flexibility in metabolic processes for your body? Then a challenge like the Total Body Reset is ideal. Depending on the challenge, you will be accompanied by a mix of sports videos, expert knowledge articles and recipes. We help you to understand yourself and your body better and get the most out of it.


Choose your feel good body today!

Become a Foodpunk member and gain access to all nutrition programs in our award-winning app! Every month you will receive new seasonal recipes. Each month your nutrition plan will be adjusted to your new goals and values. The coach in your pocket is your guarantee for sustainable success!

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