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Luca has always been fat, so to speak. It started from the 3rd grade. Why? “I don’t know,” he says. Apparently he was frustrated – why he could not say at all more. Frustration eating became a habit. “I ate and ate – gained more and more weight.” This no longer had anything to do with enjoyment. His mother’s attempts to enroll him in various sports clubs failed miserably. At some point, she gave up. “She was probably just hoping that I would eventually come to my senses myself.”

“I tried a lot of things, but the pounds wouldn’t come off. When they did, they came back.”

Before after with pleasure

For many years, Luca was always THE overweight person around him. His nickname: Fatty. Even within the family he was called that. It was not meant badly – but it still hurt. Luca thinks that they probably wanted to let him know that he was too fat. Out of concern for him and his health.

“Still, it took me years to come to that realization myself” he says. But: The foundation stone was laid.

Luca tried many things, but the pounds would not fall. If they did, they came back – not least because he simply did not remain steadfast enough. “To top it all off, I found myself, realized I was into men. Of course, this was a liberation… but also not without problems. The bullying started and I again fell into the pattern of stifling frustration with food.”

“I rarely dared to go on the scales during that time. Quite honestly, no one wants to be shown such figures.”

The LOGI method was the first step in the right direction for Luca. In 2013, he reached a feel-good weight of 75 kg at 1.64 m for the first time in years. “I felt good, but still had frequent food cravings” says Luca. Although he was careful to eat “the right thing” during the attacks, he ended up falling victim to the well-known yo-yo effect. Over the years, he gained almost 30 kg. “I rarely dared to go on the scales during that time. Quite honestly, no one wants to be shown such figures. You don’t even want to see the reality!” In July 2019, he dared to do it after all and was shocked: 101 kg.

“At a certain point, I couldn’t take it anymore. This diet no longer had anything to do with enjoyment for me.”

“That was my highest weight to date and the start of making a change!”

Luca started to change his diet again. He received support from an acquaintance who “prescribed” a low-fat, high-protein diet. “However, as a layperson who has struggled with his weight for years and lost the sense of a balanced meal, such a change is not exactly easy” he says. Tracking became a pain. Shopping was just annoying, because you had almost exclusively light products in the shopping cart. The quality of life was lost and eating was no longer any fun at all. He did lose weight, but at what cost?

“At a certain point, I couldn’t do it anymore. No fun at the food, only Low Fat products on the plate and in addition the compulsion daily more than 200 g protein to me to take… that had for me nothing more with Pleasure to do.” Luca stopped the low-fat, high-protein diet and tried to eat normally, but consciously. Inadvertently, he overshot his body’s needs in the process, because he gained weight again – the Vicious circle started all over again.


“So far, I’ve lost 16.7 kilograms or, as I like to convert it, 67 packs of butter.”

Foodpunk had always been in the back of Luca’s mind since the company’s inception. When he saw how it had developed over the 5 years, it convinced him to come up with a plan. No sooner said than done.

In April 2020 Luca started with a weight of 92.5 kg. His goal: to regain the feel-good weight of 2013… to finally be under 80 kg again. He first started with the low carb setting – that’s 50 grams of carbs a day. The following month, he switched to a ketogenic diet – 30 g of carbohydrates a day. The kilos melted away. Even without sports!

“Foodpunk has given me back so much quality of life in these 11 months. I’m enjoying food again! I’m trying new things…even foods I would normally steer clear of. I totally celebrate this newfound courage.” So far, Luca has lost 16.7 kg or, as he likes to convert it, about 67 packets of 250 g butter. A result that can be seen! “I fit back into clothes I last wore years ago,” he says. “When I put on my favorite sweaters, I no longer look like the Michelin Man. I can stash the size 40+ pants I bought in 2019 in my closet and keep them as a memorial – currently, even a 36 is slipping off my backside.”

“All we have to do is weigh, cook and feast!”

Before after with pleasure

“Probably Foodpunk has not only given me back zest for life but also saved me from possible diseases that can come with being overweight” says Luca.


“Changing your diet is really not easy. But Foodpunk simplified it for me with its ingenious system. Of course… some of your own time and drive must be invested – you can’t do it completely without. Here, however, the team already does 80% of the work. The plans and recipes are calculated on their own needs. This eliminates the annoying tracking and also calculates how much the meal may have protein, carbohydrates and fat.

All we have to do is weigh, cook, and … SLEEP! Pure pleasure!

Thanks to Marina, for the foundation, thanks to the team for the work. I think it’s great!!!”




Thank you, dear Luca, for sharing your story with us. We wish you all the best for your further journey!


Author: Juliana Gutzmann

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Juliana Gutzmann

Juliana ist die Autorin dieses Artikels. Sie hat nach ihrem Pharmaziestudium in Münster und Regensburg an der AMD München Journalismus und Medienkommunikation studiert und ihren Bachelor in Fashion Management & Communication an der ECBM erfolgreich abgeschlossen. Nachdem sie ein Jahr beim SHAPE Magazin gearbeitet hat, wurde sie Teil des Foodpunk-Teams, wo sie von September 2020 bis Dezember 2023 die Science-Redaktion geleitet hat.