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Janina, 32, is a total foodpunk fan – since 2017. Foodpunk’s Moderate Carb eating plan has allowed her to finally feel really good about her body and also discover a wheat intolerance. Here she tells her story.

“I am sooo grateful about Foodpunk.” says Janina. “In 2017 I discovered Foodpunk for myself. First, it all started with Marina’s blue book (“Low Carb typgerecht“). I had found this in the bookstore at the train station in Leipzig. Even then I realized that this is a great cookbook. Everything in it seemed to my liking at first glance…. and so it was.”

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“Until I graduated, I had been exercising a lot and didn’t have to watch what I ate. But during my studies, I noticed that I was becoming increasingly uncomfortable in my body. I was never overweight, yet I didn’t like my body very much. That didn’t change until Foodpunk.”

Through her gluten-free Foodpunk diet plan, Janina was also quite surprised to find out that she can’t tolerate wheat, because the stomach pains she used to have after eating a plate of pasta were suddenly gone. She says herself,“If it wasn’t for Foodpunk, I wouldn’t have even realized that my stomach aches came from wheat. Stomach aches after eating – that was just part of it for me.”

“Being able to eat my fill pleasantly without getting a stomach ache afterwards – that’s a whole new way of life for me!”

Also the ravenous appetite always put a spoke in her wheel when it came to “healthy eating”. She was craving chocolate and then wanted to skip lunch afterwards to save calories…. but of course was hungry again shortly after lunch time. “A vicious circle,” as she says herself. “Things just kept getting worse!” It wasn’t until Foodpunk that she learned that a balanced diet also keeps cravings at bay.

Success Story Foodpunk Janina

“When I discovered that fat and calories are not an enemy, it was a super feeling for me because I could finally enjoy…. no longer had to restrict myself. And the best: I got full! No longer having to just nibble on a lettuce leaf was a whole new way of living for me.”

“When I eat a foodpunk diet from morning to night, I don’t have food cravings at all.”

“I am not always a strict plan eater, but I notice a positive change both in my job as a psychologist and in my private life when I eat regularly according to my app. I just finished another three weeks of the “strict” Moderate Carb Plan and I feel wonderful!” says Janina. “The meal plan also integrates very well into my daily routine because the Foodpunk app offers so many quick meals. I usually cook in advance, and even when I’m out and about, there’s always something I can combine into a full meal with the help of the app. Even when going out to eat, there is usually the option to put together a foodpunky option. The only downside to eating out: All of a sudden the dishes seem so small! Because with the Foodpunk nutrition plan, the portions are often SO big that I don’t even get full anymore with the small portions in the restaurant. This proves how much it depends on the composition of the nutrients – not on the quantity. I’ve gotten fatter in spite of the huge portions in my Foodpunk nutrition plan!

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Thank you, dear Janina, for sharing your story with us. We wish you all the best for your further journey!

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Author: Juliana Gutzmann

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