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Boost your fat burning and lose weight successfully with a ketogenic diet plan that is healthy and customized for you.

  • Your individual Keto diet plan
  • Perfectly adapted to the ketogenic diet
  • AI-powered by the award-winning Foodpunk app.
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With keto fat burn power, science-based and delicious for the dream body

You have tried many diets and always failed? That's over now! Foodpunk is not a diet, but a science-based concept to eat delicious and healthy while losing weight sustainably!

  • Every body works differently. Change your metabolism to burn more fat now!
  • Ignite the fat burning turbo! The diet plan ketogenic diet trains your fat metabolism, is delicious, diverse and healthy!
  • Your individual diet plan for the Keto Diet contains just the right amount of calories, carbohydrates and nutrients for you. This will get you into ketosis quickly and provide the body with all the nutrients it needs!

Become a foodpunk and write your own success story.

With over 100,000 individual keto diet plans to lose weight fast foodpunks are already slimming down!


You think you can't do it alone?

At Foodpunk, you can do it because you're part of a strong community. Around the clock support from the strong community of #thousands of like-minded people.

Foodpunk was founded by nutritionist and author Marina Lommel. Today, there are many people working behind the scenes at Foodpunk to make sure you reach your individual goal delicious and motivated.

Our competent team from the fields of nutrition science, medicine and recipe development is always at your side. Follow us on Instagram and take a look behind the scenes.


Your goal. Your diet!

Over 6,000 delicious weight loss recipes

New seasonal dishes from our food pros are added every month!

Your food wishes

You decide what you like and what you can tolerate.

Create your own recipes

Your favorite recipes are easy to incorporate into your nutrition program.

The Anti-Hunger Formula

All the nutrients your body needs and thoughtful filling recipes.

Boosted fat burning

We get your metabolism going with the Foodpunk principle!

Community motivation

Over 100,000 Foopdunks motivate and support each other.


What awaits you at Foodpunk.

In a short questionnaire we evaluate your goals, habits and nutritional wishes and create your individual nutrition plan. With the Foodpunk app, you can keep an eye on it - anytime, anywhere. Practical features make meal planning, shopping and motivation easier. Only you still have to cook yourself.

  • Lose weight successfully
  • Maintain your weight without yoyo effect
  • Achieve your personal goals
  • Be free from cravings
  • Start the day full of energy
  • Finally enjoy your meals again
  • Improve your quality of life
  • Always be full

Your nutrition plan in the award-winning Foodpunk app.

Your personal KI-based nutritionist in your pocket that always knows what you need.

The calories and nutrients in each recipe are calculated for you individually

This keeps the blood sugar level in your body optimally constant, the fat cells can release fat and the brain switches to "full".

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Specify allergies and food preferences

Your plan is 100% customized to your wishes, because after all, it's all about you! Vegetarian and without broccoli? No problem!

A plan that flexibly adapts to your everyday life

You can't find a food item during a shopping trip or spontaneously feel like something else? Thanks to the swap function you enjoy maximum flexibility.

Create a shopping list for the whole week with one click

No calculating, no note taking, no hassle. Just two clicks and the shopping list for your desired period is ready.

Pushe deine Fettverbrennung mit Keto Ernährung

Choose your feel good body today!

Become a Foodpunk member and gain access to all nutrition programs in our award-winning app! Every month you will receive new seasonal recipes. Each month your nutrition plan will be adjusted to your new goals and values. The coach in your pocket is your guarantee for sustainable success!

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Barbara is here for you!

Foodpunk's team of nutritionists will create the perfect plan for your goal - along with the smart algorithms of our award-winning, AI-powered Foodpunk app.

At Foodpunk, you're never alone. The large community and expert support are there for you.

You feast and achieve your weight loss goal with great support - all along the way.