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At Foodpunk, we are committed to shifting the focus of nutrition back to 'nourishing' the body. We focus on real, unprocessed food. We'll show you how to conjure up delicious dishes from them.

  • Eat with pleasure and provide your body with high-quality building blocks
  • Good for your health and well-being
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The foodpunk
#Team of experts

Our team of nutritionists, biomedical scientists and pharmacists has already supported tens of thousands of people in their new diet and lifestyle over the past few years.

We are constantly training and incorporating the latest findings from research and science into our work. In this way, we always guarantee our customers the most competent support in the field of nutrition and lifestyle.

Marina Lommel

CEO and founder of Foodpunk

Nutritionist and tech nerd. Founded Foodpunk GmbH at the age of 25 and published 5 books at the same time

Barbara Kronseder

CPO, senior nutritionist and customer advisor

Always wanted to be a scientist and researcher as a child

Tanja Treiner

Chief Operating Officer

Loves urban hiking, salsa dancing and lives by the motto "There's no such thing as can't"

Juliana Gutzmann

Senior science editor

Is an absolute foodie and is passionate about writing about health, nutrition and delicious foodpunk dishes

Bhavesh Ghevariya

Software developer

His most common phrase - whether at work or in his free time: "Wait, I have to update the code first"

Denise Brunnquell

Content Creator Photo & Video

Is only half a person without her camera

Annkatrin Bächle


Owns more kitchen utensils than clothes

Charlotte Angerer

Social Media Manager

If it's not spicy, she won't eat it

Laura Engelmann

Office Manager

Prefers to spend her free time with her horse Sunny

Isabella Stummer

Customer support

A passionate food punk for a long time - #TeamFressraupe #butterlove and our #crazycatlady

Francesco Basso

Creative chef

Works not only as a chef but also as a model for 5 years on the side

Stephanie Hommel

Customer support

Don't know what year it is without coffee

Maja Minhorst

Customer support

Spends more time in organic markets than other women in shoe stores... and spends at least as much there too



Prefers to swim her laps in ice water - or, if necessary, sitting in an ice buoy in the garden at home

Lisa Arndt

Sports scientist and partner manager

You will most likely find Lisa either by the sea, on her yoga mat, doing sports or drinking coffee.

Saskia Voigt

Recipe development

Studies the menu for hours before every restaurant visit and then takes the longest to order

Annalena Gebhardt

Editorial office

Has lost her sense of spiciness since her trip to Southeast Asia and therefore always spices food far too hot for others


Feelgood Manager

The little sock thief loves to have his tummy rubbed


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