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If you look closely, you’ll recognize the face, because Katja has reported on her success with Foodpunk before. (You can find her 2020 report here.) Katja has been with Foodpunk since 2017, and her wish when she signed up back then is: lose weight. She did it! The mom of 2 boys now weighs around 20 kilos less. But even though she reached her goal 2 years ago, Katja is sticking with it… because Foodpunk, with its delicious and filling recipes, motivating challenges, exciting knowledge articles and over 100,000 community members, has become an indispensable part of her life. Here, Katja shares how Foodpunk made her more confident, interested and brave…. all the way to her big step of becoming professionally self-employed.



“I’ve been with Foodpunk since 2017. Phases times less behind, but most of the time actually following the foodpunk recipes. A few days with the unhealthy, previously usual, stuff and you finally wish ne proper foodpunk meal and vegetables on the plate again!” begins Katja. “I originally signed up because I was looking for a program that would help me lose weight long term. I didn’t want to go on a short-term diet, then go back to eating normally and gain weight with it, then go back on a diet.”

“From the beginning, I wanted a way of eating that could be lived permanently. ”

When Katja discovered Foodpunk in 2017, she felt she was “just a little overweight,” had tried low carb on and off without success, and also wanted to get pregnant again. “That’s what I wrote in the questionnaire, and Foodpunk responded at the time that the Foodpunk diet can also help you get pregnant. And that worked out great! Foodpunk even got me through pregnancy and breastfeeding individually. What an added value when a nutrition program works in such an individualized way that you can accommodate completely changing circumstances!”


After Katja initially landed on Foodpunk because she wanted to lose weight, she realized relatively quickly that Foodpunk can do much more than influence weight. “All the background articles, the challenges, the great support and the family-like community have changed so much in my life…. Much more than just my weight!”

“With Foodpunk, my life is going differently because I’m more confident, have rediscovered and deepened a passion for nutrition, exercise, relaxation, and experienced firsthand that if you treat yourself positively, you’ll live a better life.”

This new self-confidence changed Katja’s life so much that she finally gathered all her courage and is now going in a completely new direction professionally. Katja tells: “Marina’s last book “Selbstbewusstsein geht durch den Magen” ( Self-confidence goes through the stomach) finally tipped the scales… was this little tip of the scales. Now, full of courage and confidence, I follow my heart, quit my old job and build up my own business. In addition, I started a bachelor’s degree in April (prevention and health psychology) to end up helping other people get more out of their lives with nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness/relaxation.”

“I don’t know if or when I would have gotten there without Foodpunk. Foodpunk definitely played a significant role in that, and for that I’m very grateful.”

As she talks about her new path, Katja positively glows. She is so full of life and energy… You can just tell that she is at peace with herself and her body. The pointer on the scale is no longer the main thing – it’s more about feeling good. She emphasizes, “My next goals are first and foremost to work on overall fitness. Due to the fact that I am currently building up my self-employment alongside my full-time job and am still a mom to two wild young guys and a wife and girlfriend, I simply need a fit, powerful body and mind to be able to cope with all these challenges. From my experience over the last 5 years, I know that this is exactly what I can super achieve with the Foodpunk concept. That’s why Foodpunk is also an important pillar in my professional plans and all the changes to make my plan work.”

Katja would still like to lose a few kilos… “But that will come on its own if I stick to the plan again,” she says. “That’s why I didn’t focus on that.”

“There’s a lot going on here right now, thanks in part to Foodpunk. And it feels good!”
You can find more about the interview with Katja in the video here.


Thank you so much, dear Katja, for sharing your story with us. We wish you all the best for your further journey!

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Author: Juliana Gutzmann

This article was written by

Juliana Gutzmann

Juliana is the author of this article. After studying pharmacy in Münster and Regensburg, she studied journalism and media communication at AMD Munich and successfully completed her Bachelor in Fashion Management & Communication at ECBM. After working at SHAPE magazine for a year, she became part of the Foodpunk team, where she now heads the Science editorial team.


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