Cold thermogenesis

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17. July 2023

Tips from the Foodpunk team for cold adaptation

This month it’s Cordula from our Foodpunk team to provide you with info. Cordula has been part of the Foodpunk team since last year. She is a studied biochemist and is always available to give you advice and support. Now you’ll learn how to use cold to boost your fat burning.

Dear Foodpunks,

Do you know the saying: “In summer we age and in winter we become young again!”? There is something to it!

Today I’ll explain why cold can have a positive effect on fat burning, the immune system and deep sleep. Our body is designed to maintain the optimal operating temperature of 37°C. Means when it gets cold in the winter, then heat must be generated. One way this happens is through our muscle tremors.

And then there’s cold thermogenesis. This type of heat generation takes place in brown adipose tissue. This is a fat store located mainly in the shoulder girdle area. In short: Heat is generated there and thus fat is burned. The problem: both with age and in our comfortable world – with thermal jackets and the ability to turn our heaters to maximum when we feel like it – the function of brown adipose tissue decreases. So we need to get used to cold again – to boost function. In other words, in order to enjoy the fat burning to increase the cold exposure to be increased. But how do you do it?

How you can boost your fat burning with cold:

The best way to start is with a cold face bath. Pour cold water into a bowl and dip the face well.
Then it’s off to the cold showers. At the end of each shower rinse the arms and legs with cold water. Increase from week to week until you reach the complete cold shower. You can then increase this further via a cold bathtub to an ice bucket. But don’t overdo it!

If you want to know more about this, in Total Body Reset you can find more info about brown adipose tissue and the so-called “cold adaptation”. Here’s to a happy freeze – with the fat burner par excellence.

All love,
Your Cordula

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