Reader Question of the Month – Can children also eat xylitol?

Written by Marina Lommel
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17. July 2023

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Are children also allowed to eat xylitol?

Xylitol (also called birch sugar) is a healthy sugar substitute that is often used in low carb cooking. For us at Foodpunk, xylitol is also the first choice when it comes to an alternative sweetener. On our blog there is already an article on the topic “What is actually xylitol”.

In principle, xylitol is harmless to humans. It is hardly absorbed and metabolized. However, some people are sensitive to higher amounts – then xylitol can have a laxative effect.

Therefore, the same applies to children as to adults: approach the quantities slowly. Observe whether you are one of those people for whom xylitol has no effect at all, or whether you should rather be cautious at the beginning.

Children have a smaller digestive tract than adults, so they should approach it more carefully. However, if no laxative effect occurs and the child’s digestion tolerates the xylitol wonderfully, it can be safely consumed.

It’s then a great substitute for conventional sugar when you do have a sweet tooth or two. Nevertheless, sweet treats should always remain a rarity and meals should consist primarily of plenty of colorful vegetables, valuable protein and high-quality fats.

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