5 tips for more fitness in winter

Written by Marina Lommel
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    1. daylight against cravings

    We leave the house before the sun rises and return when it is already dark. In winter, our eyes get to see very little daylight. Daylight is particularly important here because it stimulates the production of serotonin. If we have a deficiency of serotonin, the body cries out for quick sugar in the form of gingerbread, cookies and other sweets. You want to avoid cravings? Get outside as often as you can and enjoy the daylight. Turn on bright lights in all rooms during the day, as even daylight lamps help.

    2. outdoor exercise for increased fat burning.

    A walk in the fresh air or a jog in the cool park directly have an additional advantage in winter: the cold stimulates your thermogenesis. The more often you expose yourself to the cold, the better your body trains this ability. This will especially boost your fat burning. Read more about cold thermogenesis in Cordula’s tip.

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    3. less carbohydrates for better metabolism

    Our food doesn’t have to look the same all year round. While a wide variety of fruits and vegetables is available in summer, the diversity of varieties decreases in winter. Your metabolism benefits from adjusting to these fluctuations. In winter, a lower carbohydrate (e.g. ketogenic) diet is beneficial for an active metabolism. In warmer months, you can include more carbohydrate-rich fruits in your diet.

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    4. light alarm clock against fatigue

    What is important for a healthy sleep in the evening makes you tired and sluggish in the morning: Melatonin. In the evening, you support melatonin production by not having too much light around you. In the morning, it’s the other way around: bright daylight drives the tired-making melatonin out of your body. Have your first cup of coffee by the window or take a short walk (on your way to work, for example). Also, a light alarm clock that simulates a sunrise half an hour before your desired wake-up time gently wakes you up and dispels melatonin. This way you’ll quickly get fit and alert.

    5. enjoy winter, but properly

    Even if you normally eat very well and healthy: You know it – in the winter one or the other nutritional wisdom is thrown overboard and you reach for sweet pastries, warm punch or other sugary things. After all, it is winter. Soon it will be January, so you can start again. In winter, you don’t even try to take care of yourself. Everyone enjoys yes… At this point I don’t want to spoil your enjoyment at all. But I can tell you: There is an alternative to everything! Check out our blog, get the cookie eBook or our sugar-free vanilla crescent baking mix. With the right choice, you can enjoy delicious AND eat healthy. This is not mutually exclusive. Enjoy!

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    In the article “Tips against the winter blues” you will find even more good ideas to support you in the darker season.

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