In 10 steps to becoming a food punk

Written by Marina Lommel
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More zest for life, vitality and health! Lose weight and feast at the same time! Supply the brain with energy! All this can be achieved with the right dietary changes. If you implement these 10 points, you’ll be a lot closer to your goals!

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    1. give me the vegetables!

    At every meal, fill half your plate with vegetables or eat a large (very large!) salad with it. Ideally, use organically grown and regional varieties. In the evening, a serving of sweet potato or pumpkin is fine.

    2. get rid of the sugar!

    Ban sugar from your diet. Get rid of household sugar and all products that have sucrose, glucose or fructose on the ingredients list.

    3. agave syrup? No, thanks.

    Ban sugary alternatives: No fruit juice, no spritzers, no sports drinks or sodas with glucose-fructose syrup, no honey, maple syrup or agave syrup! 1-2 servings of fruit per day as dessert are fine. But only directly after meals.

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    4. goodbye gluten!

    Kick gluten out of your diet. Be vigilant, because it is found in many products: Bread, pasta, cereals, ready meals… But don’t make the mistake of reaching for gluten-free junk food now. Ready-made gluten-free cookies full of sugar and cornmeal are not one bit better.

    5. bye bye tofu!

    Eliminate soy products. Refrain from meat alternatives made from soy and from soy sauce. Instead, Coconut Aminos are wonderful for seasoning.

    6. pasture cattle? Yes, please!

    Use good sources of protein: Meat from pastured beef, pastured lamb, eggs from free-range chickens, game meat, fatty and lean fish, seafood, meat from free-range organic poultry or organic pork. Eat a portion as big as the palm of your hand at every meal.

    7. 7 day grain cure was yesterday!

    Remove grains (including gluten-free varieties) and legumes from your diet. No peas, lentils or beans. Sugar snap peas or young green beans are fine.

    8. say YES to good fat!

    Ban unstable vegetable oils from your diet: no corn oil, soybean oil, canola oil, peanut oil, linseed oil, walnut oil… You can use olive oil and avocado oil in moderation. Instead, use pasture butter, ghee made from pasture butter, coconut oil, MCT oil, avocados and macadamias as healthy sources of fat and energy.

    9. say NO to aspartame!

    Eliminate all artificial additives. No sweeteners such as aspartame, acesulfame-K or sucralose. No colorants and flavor enhancers. Only birch sugar (xylitol) and erythritol are okay, in moderation.

    10. be a food punk!

    Cook fresh for you and your loved ones and enjoy the food. Let the critics talk. You’re a food punk and you do your thing – no matter what anyone else says.

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    You can take these steps one by one, or you can do it all at once with a radical change. Foodpunk’s nutrition plans can help you with this. Included are 90 recipes based on these principles. All recipes are tailored to you from the composition and quantity.

    Whether and how much starchy vegetables and fruits are good for you is up to the individual. For most people, it also makes sense to avoid dairy products. We will be happy to advise you personally.

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