What do I need to consider when eating during pregnancy?

Written by Marina Lommel
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Conditions during pregnancy affect the risk of developing certain diseases later. It was shown that infants who had a low birth weight because the mother was inadequately nourished had a significantly higher risk of later suffering from heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure or even kidney disease.

During pregnancy, in any case, you should avoid losing weight. The reason is this: the worst environmental toxins are fat-soluble. Hormones in conventional meat, antibiotics, plasticizers from plastics, heavy metals, etc. are stored in fatty tissue. If the expectant mother loses a lot of weight during pregnancy, these toxins will be released again. The mother does not mind so much, your liver can detoxify these substances. However, these substances also enter the circulation of the child, which does not yet have a mature detoxification apparatus.

Glucose, as well as ketones, are important for the child’s development, so it is critical that the mother maintains normal blood glucose levels and consumes adequate calories and nutrients. A nutrient-dense diet according to Paleo with a focus on foods of very good quality should be aimed for in any case. An adequate iodine supply must also be ensured. Since pregnancy is a special situation for the body, a very low-carbohydrate diet can mean too much stress for the mother in individual cases. A carbohydrate intake in the moderate range of 100-150g per day provides a suitable framework.

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