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17. July 2023

We recently received a request to publish a summary of the milestones and craziest startup moments since Foodpunk was founded.

No sooner said than done. And this much can be said: from crowded offices and night shifts to hair-raising actions and cars hit by cars, it’s all there. Even when we were looking for the pictures, we had a lot of fun as a team.

Table of contents

    Foodpunk 2015

    In mid-January 2015, Marina posted something “officially” on the Foodpunk Facebook page for the first time. The recipes drew such motivating feedback that she really stepped on the gas. After only a few months, the first few thousand fans had already been found.

    Here you can see the beginnings of the Facebook page with many recipes and Marina tinkering and tasting in the kitchen.

    From now on, the website was tinkered with all night long and went online in mid-February. In the same month, interviews on Munich’s local television as well as a radio interview and an interview for the SZ were already scheduled.

    In March the first Foodpunk shirts and bags were printed with the then new logo and in April the first goods for the online store were already found and shot with a team.

    May was marked by joy and simultaneous panic. Marina had scraped together pretty much everything she had earned behind the scenes in the last 10 years in television and founded a limited company #mutausbruch.

    In June, the nutrition plans were worked on at full speed. Cooked, calculated, developed a system. Miles of Excel spreadsheets designed. And: tadaaa, the first order via the online store has reingeflattert!!! A bar of chocolate for 2.50 €. Woohooo, that was the monthly turnover in June then.

    July was the month for beta testing the nutrition plans – just without pictures and without design. The texts and the individual calculation were already in place at that time. First personal coaching clients inquired and Marina was very overwhelmed by the responses.

    In August , the texts were further optimized and beta test phase number 2 went out.

    September brought with it a new look for Foodpunk and, more importantly, the design of the nutrition plans.

    Then in October, the first really crazy startup moment.

    270 dishes in 3 days #halleluja

    To put it in a nutshell: it went really round!!! 90 dishes each are included in a Foodpunk Challenge, three of them were pending. Power: 270 recipes. Marina very optimistically set four days as the shooting period. The first half of day 1 went completely to setting up the set – yes! Of course, it was shot at Marina’s parents in the living room. Day by day more volunteers were organized to snip and our photographer and buddy Mitya was golden. With effort and many 16-hour workdays that went late into the night, we rocked it in the end!

    The launch of the challenges, however, was a completely different challenge. Actually, enough time was allotted to process the pre-orders. However, cropping the images did not work as desired. So Marina outsourced it to an agency that kept postponing for a day. Yes “tomorrow we are done”, “tomorrow we are done”. In the end, there were 24 hours left to complete over 100 nutrition plans – the launch had to be delayed a bit. Longer than 4 hours Marina has not slept at this time in any night #zombiemode.

    The motto in November was clearly: “Off we go 3 days awake!!!” Somehow it had to work without sleep?! Plans were finalized in several 24-hour shifts. This meant that design, photos and texts were brought into line and all pre-orders were processed late into the night.

    Here you can see the very first challenge design:

    In December there was then the fabulous 30 Days Pre-Christmas Challenge, in which almost 100 participants lost between 2 and 9 kg before Christmas. So the theory behind the diet plans worked in practice and that was all reason to rejoice.

    And – not to forget – the next crazy startup moment.

    20 kg cookies in 2 days

    In the early days of Foodpunk, Marina’s strategy behind the products was, “I want this now, this is cool!” So she just sort of put a product photo online and presented the thing on Facebook. In the second step, she then considered how this could actually be realized. Of course, this does not apply to the diet plans, but to such actions as the cookies 2015. Shortly before Marina had already written a low carb cookie eBook. Some customers then asked if they could order the treats. “Sure, what’s the problem?” she thought to herself. “I’ve always loved to bake.” So she offered the thing. What she didn’t expect, however, was that 200 packets of 100 g low carb cookies were sold within 2 days. So not only did she have to somehow bake cookies, but 20 kg of them. In the first few days everything went only moderately, then it got better and better. For the first time, Marina has found that DHL also comes for pickup – what a labor saver. The cookies should be ready by Christmas. That’s why the nights became shorter and shorter here, too. Everyone pitched in and the Lommel parents kindly held out all the packing material that was delivered on pallets to the garage door. Except for packages that were lost at DHL, everything worked out wonderfully. Such kamikaze actions are addictive. Really!

    Du möchtest dich auch gesünder ernähren?

    Foodpunk 2016

    January: “Hefty, a year gone already?” Minor adjustments were made to the website, the 30-day support newsletters were created, and the live video Q&A sessions took place for the first time.

    In February, it was also possible to order the Challenge at any time. Before, there was only a joint launch once a month. In addition, 30 newsletters had to be sent out each day for different days to different people with a wide variety of start times #greateffort. “It’s got to be automatic, right?”

    At the same time, the next crazy startup moment was brewing.

    Cupcakes for Valentine's Day in Bavaria

    Still excited about the cookie action, there was another kamikaze baking action in February 2016 for Valentine’s Day. All cupcakes were frozen before shipping so they were shipped safely. Since Marina could only bake at night during the day due to working on the diet plans, time was running out before Valentine’s Day. So, without further ado, she decided to deliver all orders in Bavaria herself. 2 days she drove completely through Bavaria and delivered all cupcake orders personally.

    Already in March 2016 there were secret app agency meetings. Big plans, big excitement. By now you know what happened to our app.

    April: In night shifts the brand new website was made ready for launch until it finally went online. She was so brilliant that Marina wanted to bounce around the living room squealing non-stop. Very adult. Full the managing director.

    In May, the website was then further optimized and expanded. During this time Marina reviewed the last year, wrote pages of texts and tinkered with spreadsheets. Non-Food. Because important people had to be convinced of the future of Foodpunk. Healthy eating had a place in Germany and was not out of the window tomorrow.

    In June, the Foodpunk Gastro Guide filled up more and more. It features cafes and restaurants that offer gluten-free, low-carb or paleo treats.

    In July, Marina announced the biggest Foodpunk Challenge ever for early August. After that, of course, there was a lot of work, questionnaires were evaluated and challenges were sent out so that everyone could start on time.

    August was all about personal coaching appointments, lots of emails and appointments, and preparing for a talk at the Paleo Convention #thatnomadlife.

    September: Marina was really proud of the new and also first Foodpunk office. From here, Foodpunk was able to make a difference. And after 1.5 years of home offices and coworking, our mission had its own four walls.

    It was really necessary, as you can see from the following crazy startup moment.

    The Foodpunk office on 12 sqm

    For 1.5 years, Marina managed Foodpunk from her home and various cafes. Although she had always looked for suitable offices, she never found anything that suited her in terms of size and price-performance ratio. We are just in Munich. Marina then moved into the first Foodpunk office with Barbara, who was an intern at the time. 2 tables, 2 people, 2 laptops and 1 shelf. It was really empty and tidy back then. But it didn’t take long before there were more and more employees. In February, 4-5 employees bustled around the office on site every day. At two tables. The complete warehouse for the online store was also housed on the 12 square meters and accordingly there was “a lot” of space. Whoever got to the office first got a chair. After that, there remained stools or rolls of wrapping paper to sit on, because two desk chairs side by side did not fit on the desk.

    In October, the Foodpunks made all the preparations for the opening of the PopUp Store. That was quite a bit of work.

    Just in time for the first of the month, this then opened in November at the Isartor in Munich. In the freezing cold – somehow the heating didn’t work out – we were happy every day to see who visited us and how well the baked goods were received.

    And of course Marina came up with something new right away. We proudly present: The next crazy startup moment.

    10.000 handmade chocolates

    Similar to the 2015 cookies, Marina wanted to do another winter 2016 campaign of fine treats. This time it should be an Advent calendar – with handmade chocolates. We had a baker as a cooperation partner for the PopUp Store, who ideally should also make these chocolates. The orders came in very quickly and after a few days we had to close the ordering option. Unfortunately, the cooperation with our baker was not very happy. So we made 10,000 chocolates by hand at the PopUp Store, filled them into calendars, and handled the shipping at the tiny little PopUp Store. The turned into an absolute mail order business. Some days we couldn’t even open properly, so full was everything with packages.

    Then in December, Marina made the following wish: “In 2020, Foodpunk is your companion when it comes to healthy eating. Whether it’s delicious free recipes, optimized nutrition plans, ingredients or yummy food. We’re here. For everyone who eats differently.”

    With this vision, the exciting and eventful year 2016 came to an end and we started full of verve into the next one.

    Foodpunk 2017

    We start January 2017 with a surprising – yes – water pipe burst in the PopUp Store. Since we were thus spontaneously unable to open, the goodies ended up at the Fairteiler EineWeltHaus in Munich that day.

    Shortly after, it turned out that we unfortunately had to close the PopUp Store completely.

    Overall, the project was a very cool, valuable and exciting experience that we all had an incredible amount of fun with and that we still think back to often.

    After the closure, Marina announced that baked goods can still be ordered and shipped online. This was followed by a flood of delivery bills, a shopping list with 20 kg of pasture butter and 400 eggs and many, many packages that accompanied us until February .

    In March , Marina’s first book “Low Carb typgerecht” was launched.

    And on top of that, we had another crazy startup moment coming up.

    3 weeks shooting in an empty apartment

    The new Clean Cheating Challenge was about to start and we had to shoot 90 dishes again. Instead of 270 dishes over 4 days, this time 3 weeks were scheduled. We rented an empty apartment with a large kitchen and shot for 8 hours a day. Even though the workload was much more relaxed this time, we were fully occupied. Sometimes Marina didn’t have enough time besides preparations, shopping, shooting and cleaning afterwards to even go home. Fortunately, there was a mattress on the floor in another room of the apartment. Perfect for spending the night. Marina also had to stay overnight at the PopUp Store a time or two. For this we had a camp bed. For this reason, the new office also had to get a decent sofa bed!

    And tadaaa, one event followed the next. This was followed directly by crazy startup moment number 2 in April:

    Bread Fit and Vanilla Heaven

    The success of the PopUp Store paved the way for our first own low carb baking mixes. Again and again we were asked if there could be treats from us in the long run. On the one hand, Marina had written an eBook for it with all the recipes from the PopUp Store, and on the other hand, the idea for Vanilla Heaven and Bread Fit was born!

    But it was a long way from the idea to the first own baking mixes. Hand label all the cans, find suitable premises, hand fill and find a storage space for a few thousand cans. It took us a month longer than planned overall, but the release was terrific! Once again, our office turned into a shipping center. And the blends made their way into the first REWE. Of course, the REWE was personally delivered in foodpunk fashion.

    In May, everyone was eagerly awaiting the move to the new Foodpunk office. The old one first had to be emptied and prepared for the handover. And finally the time had come.

    The final move to the new Foodpunk home started at the beginning of June . First of all, everything had to be set up and a lot of furniture, including the refrigerator, had to be put in its place. Manu wanted a moving company.

    In July we went to the Flow Fest in Berlin. Tire pressure checked, car nicely packed. No legroom – but fun is guaranteed. Just completely in the foodpunkstyle!

    Back in Munich, it was time for a joint team meeting to exchange ideas and review the event.

    In August we were represented with a booth at the Klosterbeben am Kloster in Fürstenfeldbruck near Munich. There, by the way, the dear Eva – now a permanent member of Team Foodpunk – surprised us with an iced Bulletproofcoffee without us knowing each other before. The was really worth gold at the temperatures #wahnsinnsaktion

    September was dominated by the Paleo Convention with the not-to-be-missed porta-potty accident. A toilet just drove into our car. Explain to the police who is the culprit. The porta-potty itself or the person who pushed it. That was an action. Well, child plaster stuck over the broken headlight and on went the ride.

    In the end, the trip to Berlin was a complete success for us and we won a lot of awards, which we were very happy about.

    In October already started our Advent calendar sale for Christmas 2017. This year, for the first time, we are working with a chocolatier. And even though we had made more than twice as many calendars, they all sold out within 10 days. This was really awesome and of course meant that the packing and shipping madness could begin again.

    In November, things really took off. In between, of course, we kept snacking to make sure the recipe was still right. After all, no chocolate is not a solution either…

    In December , Marina finally made her way to various EDEKA stores with our low carb vanilla crescent mix, a special at the time. Besides the tasting for all customers who spontaneously drop by, it’s always nice to meet those foodpunks who come especially to have a chat with us in person. With that, our exciting third year of Foodpunk slowly came to an end and we were excited about everything that was to come.

    Foodpunk 2018

    This year, Foodpunk had many events, trade shows and functions lined up. In January , for example, we won first prize at the “Breakthrough Award 2018” thanks to your votes and were just gobsmacked

    In February we went directly to the LCHF Congress in Düsseldorf, where we were represented with a booth. Marina also gave a talk there on “the ketogenic diet and the brain.” You can find a small insight into the congress here. In addition, her second book “Low Carb typgerecht express” was published this month, which we of course also had in our luggage.

    The crowdfunding shoot for our baking mixes also took place in February. So it’s best to let some pictures and the video of the finished campaign do the talking…


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    In March, Foodpunk went to the Mucbook Blogger Market and our cheesecakes found their way onto the blog #cheesecakemania

    In April , we were then represented at the startup event “Gründerszene Spätschicht” at Werk 1 in Munich and of course had our baking mixes there for tasting.

    Most of May 2018 for Marina took place in authorial exile. Here’s a little post she wrote in the meantime:

    “A picture is worth a thousand words, right? I (Marina) am in Spain to write my book. Thanks to WLAN in the house, I would have liked to continue offering the live question videos on nutrition topics every day. But since yesterday the phone line is dead (and so is the internet). The technician was there today, but can do nothing… because supposedly something is wrong with this connection.

    Really? I can’t imagine that this distributor socket has a fault. It looks like a 2018 fiber optic distributor. The responsible employee will come tomorrow. Or on Monday (I guess that means “or in June”). Maybe I’ll grab a ladder and go look for our cable

    Or I take it as a sign of fate that allows me to concentrate fully on writing ✌️

    Hach, this digital nomad thing is going on with me #foodpunkanddasinternet #wowirsindistdasinternetnicht #datenvolumenamanschlag #startupstories”.

    Meanwhile, in Munich:

    We had received a small delivery… And the truck didn’t even fit in the yard for unloading. Turned out a little larger than planned I wonder what was in it? That’s right, the pre-bottled baking mixes from our crowdfunding campaign #woohoooo

    In June, thanks to the fat delivery, there was of course a lot to do:

    #latenightsessions #crowdpunking #packagepacking.

    Marina and Manuel also went to the award ceremony of the Lecker Liebling Award. Crossing our fingers helped and we were completely blown away when Foodpunk was called on stage and presented with the award.

    At the same time, the first #regalbread moved in the wild and found its way to EDEKA Eckstein. Shortly after, we were guests at paulikocht and had Südwest Verlag in the office to shoot the cover for Marina’s new book. Exciting!

    In July the Flowfest took place in Munich. For the first time we rocked the catering for 400 guests. This was a new and exciting experience for all foodpunks with lots of thrills and final euphoria.

    In August, Marina was in Ingelheim for a tasting and Bread Fit & Co gradually made their way into more and more supermarkets ✌️

    In September we celebrated the arrival of our baking mixes in Switzerland and the jute bags for all fans arrived hot off the press.

    October 2018:
    That’s when things really got going again. First of all, a “small” tour was on the agenda… We were full of beans on the mission #regalbread, so that the baking mixes also came to as many supermarkets as possible and in your area.

    In addition, the tasting of the new Advent calendar chocolates was already on the agenda to make the perfect selection. And – not to forget – the Bunte Beauty Days in Munich, where we realized once again that we desperately needed a van. If we had sold just one less box of baking mix, we would have had to put it on the roof in the rain. There was not an inch of space left. And when we had everything in the car after 20 minutes of Tetris in our soaked shirts, we already wanted to cheer. Then we noticed the two trolleys on which we had transported everything. So: you couldn’t open a door at the end without everything being held against you.

    November can best be summed up as follows: Advent Calendar Madness!

    In December, Marina’s book “Slim with Keto: The 21-Day Kickstart” and “The Keto Compass,” which she wrote with three other authors, were launched. We also devoted ourselves entirely to the app and our new challenge. In the end, we ended the year together at our Foodpunk Christmas party and then we were off into 2019.

    Foodpunk 2019

    In January, we were chosen as the best food startup of 2018!

    Wow – this is absolutely bomb!!! This foodpunk journey is really more fun for us every day and we are totally happy when we can put something cool together for you that also goes down so well!

    Yes, and now we are in February 2019 and may tell you about our actions

    In between a short making-of:

    The FIBO

    In April 2019, the most common phrase we hear is “Are you the ones with the eggs?”. Foodpunk was allowed to present itself for the first time at FIBO and because we wanted to offer a good, high-quality protein source next to all the sticky bars, we printed eggs with the Foodpunk logo. Word of the promotion got around, and as the day went on, our booth was besieged more and more by “pumpers” looking to get a protein snack. Not your typical food punk, but we are open-minded.


    In September 2019, Marina, Barbara and Luisa will be at the Obesity Congress in Kiel to present Foodpunk. The exchange with doctors and other people interested in nutrition is super exciting.

    Foodpunk 2020

    New year, new product. In January 2020, Foodpunk will launch the MCT powder “better than snow”. It is a MCT powder without carbohydrates with valuable fiber. In keeping with the motto “better than snow”, we are promoting in the Baking Bread Bundle – based on the series “Breaking Bad”.

    Meanwhile, we are releasing more and more of our own products and supplements to ensure good quality. By the way, our first Foodpunk MCT product was Foodpunk MCT oil.

    In addition, our Total Body Reset challenge starts in January. 60 days the Foodpunks power through with us… that was awesome! ✌️Wir are really proud of you!

    In March 2020, everything is suddenly different. Germany has its first Corona lockdown. A push for the immune system is especially needed right now – so we’re designing the “14 Days Immune Pro” challenge.

    In May 2020, we will launch our first Challenge that combines sports and nutrition: Total Body Fitness. Lisa Arndt shoots the outdoor videos in a quarry in Lower Franconia, near Karlstadt. Could be optically but also almost their current home Fuerteventura.

    From now on, it’s blow by blow.

    In July 2020, Foodpunk will launch the lipedema program developed with Lipocura.

    In August 2020, we’ll be rocking Sugar Detox together.

    In December 2020, we’ll be feasting our way through the “X-Mas Countdown” challenge with our low carb cookies.

    There’s also a lot going on with the Foodpunk team. In June 2020, Bhavesh, our first in-house software developer, will join us. In September 2020, media designer Natalie, journalist Juliana and nutritionist Philipp will start. #teamworkmakesthedreamwork is all we say.

    Chocoholic Time

    InNovember 2020, there will be three sweet premieres! First, the first Foodpunk chocolate in bar form is coming to market. The three flavors Milka Wonders, Flamingo Fantasy and Dark Temptation will make you melt with pleasure.

    On the other hand, there are 2 new praline varieties for the Advent calendar, which are quickly becoming the most popular varieties: The dark ball “Hazelnut Nougat” and the light ball “White Coconut Dream”. Yummie! Third, the chocolates are sold for the first time in a beautifully designed gift box! This, too, quickly became a bestseller and will be available in spring 2021 with new spring-like designs.

    AND: It is our door opener for our first teleshopping live broadcast on the HSE channel – brought about by, in the truest sense of the word, “word of mouth”. The chocolates find their way to HSE’s top management in a roundabout way, and they are SO enthusiastic about the creamy treat that we are invited to present our product on television. But that brings us to:

    Foodpunk 2021

    Pralinen HSE

    The year 2021 starts with full power. The Total Body Reset 2.0. inspires the foodpunks. 3 days Boost Phase and 27 more days that lead you to good sleep, energy and the loss of excess kilos. We rock it! ✌️

    TBR Teilnehmer

    Most of the TBR participants are highly motivated to start the next round! In Sugar Detox II – Lent Special – we give up sugar for 45 days.


    Our team is growing again. Francesco starts in January 2021 as our new creative chef and after the first week he already has a fan club – in which we Foodpunk employees are of course right at the front, because we get to be the first to try his delicious creations in the office. Shortly after him, Katharina starts as Office Manager and brings our absolute favorite employee with her: Buddy the Labrador. Just hearing his pattering paws in the hallway just makes you happy. That is why we have officially offered him the post of “Feelgood Manager”. Since April 2021 we are also supported by nutritionist Maria and graphic designer Daniel.

    Just before Easter, a few more animals are moving into our office… but these are cute in a different way. In March 2021 we launch the Foodpunk low carb chocolate Easter animals: Marina Lümmel, Manuel Mümmel (any similarities in names are purely coincidental ), Henn-Rik and Henn-Riette. Henn-Rik and Henn-Riette immediately embark on a flaming love story, which is accompanied on the Foodpunk Instagram channel à la GZSZ.

    Low Carb Schokolade

    As you know, we do not only offer delicious food but also valuable knowledge. In our Foodpunk Knowledge Spring, Marina will be holding live digital seminars from March to July 2021. Topics include “basics of the ketogenic diet”, “losing weight, breaking through a plateau” or “#sixpackchallenge”.

    You can do it all!

    Also… big drum roll… Marina’s 5th book is coming out! April 1 – no kidding.
    Self-confidence goes through the stomach” is a mixture of workbook and cookbook. Marina shows how to go through life with focus, full of power and, of course, a strong self-confidence, in addition to delicious recipes such as the cashew cake with salted caramel sauce.

    Almost at the same time, we are celebrating a step that makes us particularly proud: the relaunch of our Foodpunk website! Yes, we’ve been around for so long now that we were due for a relaunch. We are more or less out of our infancy. Whoop whoop!

    Day and night we worked on it, thought about it, tried it, tinkered with it… and in the end created a design with many new elements. We think it’s great. And how do you like it?

    To go along with our new design, we also wanted to give you 4 great foodpunk role models: Luca, Jessica, Susanna and Nicole. They visited us in the office and told their story with photos and films. It was just terrific to meet the four of them in person! Francesco whipped us up a delicious finger food buffet and makeup artist Anja El Sawaf brought out the healthy glow of our foodpunks even more. In the end, we were just ALL beaming!

    The start in the teleshopping world has now become regular appearances on HSE, in which Marina not only presents our foodpunky Lower Carb chocolates, but also shows the Fatburn Focus program and thus live on TV: Healthy eating can be really delicious!

    We will now celebrate our 6th birthday on May 7, 2021. We hope you’ve enjoyed it so far and you’re as excited as we are to see where Foodpunk is headed. At this point a big fat thank you for your great support, you are great!

    In the summer of 2021, the time has come: Our Foodpunk Protein Ice Cream Mix will be launched on the market! By the way, also thanks to your support during the crowdfunding campaign.

    Almost at the same time we launch our Low Carb and Keto Grillmagazine and you can see: Thanks to our new graphic designer Daniel, a lot has happened. How beautiful it turned out! The recipes are created by Francesco, media designer Natalie has photographed, our working student Maja has documented everything and in the end journalist Juliana and just Daniel have put everything together to “Low Carb & Keto Grillgenuss” for you. Nomnomnom!

    Shortly after that, we’re all off to bootcamp – Summer Bootcamp! For 14 days, we’ll be working together with our Foodpunks on a challenge full of exciting knowledge, healthy nutrition and, of course, lots of sporting inspiration and motivation. By the way, we are starting a new round of Summer Bootcamp in 2022 on May 13!

    Autumn offers a whole new set of challenges for us! For the first time, we’re designing a workbook to go with our Total Body Reset – full of exciting background knowledge around the biochemistry of fat burning, interactive content and TBR workouts. Daily motivation gives you a diary in which you can record all your successes, which reminds you to drink water and gives you the opportunity to set small goals for each day, such as taking 10,000 steps. You’ll find inspiration for these goals in checklists that appear weekly in the Workbook. On top, the magazine comes in a bundle full of little helpers such as a motivational postcard, a seasonal calendar, the 31-day timetable, Black Sprizz, MCT oil and Sugar Stabil.

    Speaking of Black Sprizz… our new product with activated carbon, vitamin C and acerola cherry caused quite a stir in the office. It’s amazing what you can use our “miracle powder” for…

    Foodpunk 2022

    A challenge just for our foodpunks? Let’s do it! In early March, just in time for Lent, we’re kicking off the 44 Day Sugar Detox! In addition, our team gets a new member, because author Judith supports Juliana in the blog area from now on. Her first article, “MCT Fat: The Direct Path to More Energy,” is a blast right off the bat and shows why we love our power booster MCT so much!

    A short time later we get another team member, or actually two. Together with Tanja, Pooh now appears more often in our Foodpunk Office! A little whiz kid who is happy about everything and everyone and often makes us laugh so hard. Isn’t he huggable?

    And that brings us back to May 2022. We are happy about the 7 years with you, with our team and that we can grow more and more thanks to you! For those who want to laugh heartily again, we have prepared a video here.


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    The Foodpunk App 2.0 and the 1st Foodpunk Community Event

    Autumn 2022 brings us 3 big milestones at once: The Foodpunk App 2.0 will be released, the Foodpunk website will be completely redesigned and the first big Foodpunk Community Event will take place! 🙌🏻

    But let’s start first in the summer of 2022. After 7 years of Foodpunk, it’s time for a colossal re-development of the Foodpunk App and so the plan to release Foodpunk App 2.0 is maturing in Marina’s mind. Together with a large team of developers and the support of Bhavesh and Barbara, we get started…


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    The editorial team is also hard at work, as a complete redesign of the Foodpunk website is on the horizon! Together with the design agency Artworx, we are reinventing foodpunk design – and yet remain the old! Classic elements and new input combine to create a corporate identity with which Foodpunk can start the year 2023 full of power!

    On 11/11/2023 our first big community event will take place! Above the rooftops of Munich 150 foodpunks meet and celebrate the launch of the Foodpunk App 2.0! From the 10-course flying dinner by Foodpunk creative chef Francesco, to the knowledge talks, to the party polonaise…. it’s simply a wonderful evening! The next day it goes for some even further with an Eisbach session including. Sports unit! In the video you can see some insights!


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    Foodpunk 2023

    Our partner program now includes over 200 professionals, doctors and experts who share our passion for real food and a healthy lifestyle, and can guide our foodpunks on their journey to a new way of life. Here you can find the Foodpunk Partner Map.

    A little treat in between: In April 2023, the Foodpunk Fan Mug will be released in a limited edition!

    After almost 8 years we take the plunge: Foodpunk goes international! becomes and we start offering our individual nutrition plans for the English-speaking world as well. We are also launching our English-language social media account foodpunk_us.

    And already it’s May again! We are celebrating 8 wonderful years of Foodpunk and look forward to the next exciting year!

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