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Written by Marina Lommel
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17. July 2023

Monday, March 20 was the day! The foodpunk book has seen the light of day ­čÖé

How far away the release date was when I worked through the manuscript with the editor in November. But now it’s here and you’ve bought it directly once empty on Amazon. This is pretty surreal right now…

You haven’t heard of it yet? Why don’t you take a look at the book with me?

The first foodpunk book

On 160 pages I would like to take you on a journey into the exciting world of nutrition science and the most delicious recipes of healthy low carb nutrition.

The book starts with a concentrated load of food knowledge. The first chapter makes clear the power of nutrition. You learn that food has a bigger impact on you than you may have suspected. About micronutrients, about enzymatic reactions in metabolism, about the effect on hormones.

I then introduce the nutrients – always in terms of what exactly which macronutrient does in your body. With an understanding of nutrients, you can understand how hunger and satiety occur.

The 30 Day Fatburn Challenge

The book is written specifically for all those who want to lose 5, 10, 20 or more kilos. The start of a healthy weight loss succeeds with an individually compiled 30-day challenge. Of course, a book can never replace a completely personal consultation – so that you can still put together a challenge on your own that fits you and your goal as perfectly as possible, I have developed a special test. But more on that in a moment.

After you learn in the theory part which foods are good and which are not so good for you, you will learn about the 3 possible phases of the Challenge.

  • Phase 1 – Boost Your Brain – 30 g carbohydrates per day // ketogenic
  • Phase 2 – Burn The Fat – 50 g carbohydrates per day // Low Carb
  • Phase 3 – Eat Clean – 100 g carbohydrates per day // Moderate Low Carb

For each person, a different amount of carbohydrate is useful to start with. One person benefits from fast carbohydrate withdrawal, while another person does better if carbohydrates are reduced slowly.

You can find out which path is best for you by taking the test starting on page 36. The test looks at your starting situation and your goal and also highlights points such as the stress load in your everyday life.

In the end, you can assign yourself to one of 16 types and find your individual roadmap. You can then decide if you want to challenge for just 30 days or do multiple rounds of the challenge. The roadmap shows you which phase you should do in your first round and how it makes the most sense (biochemically) for you to continue afterwards.

Phase 1 - Boost Your Brain

In phase 1, you eat 30 grams of carbohydrates per day. This phase gets rid of sugar addiction and it enables intensive fat burning. Due to the small amount of carbohydrates, the body enters ketosis. In ketosis, the brain is supplied with ketone bodies. This trick stops it screaming for sugar and makes the transition much easier – that’s why Phase 1 is called Boost Your Brain. Diets make you unfocused and hungry? This does not have to be!

Phase 2- Burn The Fat

Phase 2 provides the body with 50 g of carbohydrates per day. This phase corresponds to the classic low carb diet and is a good middle ground for long-term weight loss. That’s why Phase 2 is called Burn The Fat. This phase makes it possible to absorb more vitamins and minerals than is the case in phase 1. At the same time, the meals keep insulin levels very low, leading to sustained satiety and good fat burning. If the metabolism is already trained on few carbohydrates, you also get into ketosis in phase 2 and the ability to concentrate benefits additionally.

Phase 3 - Eat Clean

In phase 3, there are 100 grams of carbohydrates daily. For experienced low carbers, this may sound like a lot. But it’s not – because in an average diet, you consume 300 to 400 grams of carbohydrates per day. There are some body functions that benefit from eating a little more carbohydrate sometimes. Phase 3 is the key to this. The hormone leptin, for example, which boosts metabolism, wants higher-carbohydrate meals now and then. That’s why phase 3 is ideal for following a low carb diet in the long term. Alternating with phase 1 and 2, it allows hormonal balance combined with good fat burning.

70 ingenious recipes

Now that you know exactly what your perfect roadmap should look like, let’s get to the most important part. Really delicious food!

For each phase you get a full week of perfectly composed, calculated in detail and of course really tasty recipes! 7 days with 3 meals each – so 21 recipes per phase. Ideal to get you started. The recipes are calculated so that you can freely interchange the different breakfast suggestions, the lunches To Go and the dinners. Of course, you can eat each recipe as many times as you like. This way, you’ll get really far with just 21 recipes!

At the same time, a modular system on pages 30-32 provides you with instructions on how to put together your own recipes for each phase. With the given nutritional values for breakfast, lunch and dinner of each phase, you can also create perfect recipes all by yourself – even independently of the kit.

There is something for everyone in the recipes – whether you want to eat paleo, vegetarian or vegan. With the recipe icons you can see at a glance under which category a recipe falls. You can also check the protein source used at a glance.

All you have to do then is feast: Juicy waffles and pancakes, low carb risotto with fresh goat cheese or fine salad with figs and beef strips.

21 x 3 is 63 – exactly. And then why are there 70 recipes? Because you should also have something to snack on. Once a week you can choose a delicious dessert. For example, this one:

Where can I get the book?

Low Carb typgerecht was published on 20.3.2017 by S├╝dwest Verlag. You can get it in bookstores – that is, in any local bookstore or on the Internet. If you feel like supporting Foodpunk a little, you can order the book directly from our store – with Foodpunk cards as bookmarks and signatures.

Type slim

Low Carb High Fat is not a passing trend, but a sensible and delicious way to a permanently slim body and more well-being. It is crucial that the diet is implemented according to type. The targeted composition of the menu and the individual meals trims the body to burn fat. The metabolism is boosted, hunger is no longer an issue and the pounds melt away.

With this book, you have everything you need to follow through on your personal 30-day low carb challenge – tailored to your individual situation. Losing weight will be so easy that it will almost become a minor matter. After all, a diet that feels and tastes so good is one that people will no longer voluntarily give up.

Who is writing?

As a diligent reader of my blog Foodpunk, you probably already know a little bit about me. For all others here the text from the publisher about me.

Marina Lommel, born in 1989, is a nutritionist and founder of the online platform “Foodpunk”. As a self-employed blogger, she regularly hosts weight-loss challenges that keep the “foodpunk” community growing. In addition, the author also coaches her clients personally in one-on-one consultations. Her experience as a journalist enables her to convey complex content entertainingly at eye level.

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