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Written by Marina Lommel
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17. July 2023

Topinam…what?? While the average German has never heard of this plant with the strange name, Jerusalem artichoke is now widely used in low carb circles. In the “normal” supermarket, you usually look for it in vain. But in many organic stores Jerusalem artichoke has become a permanent part of the assortment in recent years.

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    1. Jerusalem artichoke - the Jerusalem artichoke

    Jerusalem artichoke looks a bit like ginger, is botanically more related to sunflower, and when cooked the texture is reminiscent of artichoke bottoms. That is why Jerusalem artichoke is also often called Jerusalem artichoke or earth artichoke, although visually the two do not resemble each other at all.

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    2. inulin for intestinal bacteria

    However, the Jerusalem artichoke tuber has one thing in common with the artichoke: Both contain the dietary fiber inulin. This dietary fiber is water-soluble and enters the large intestine, where it acts as a bacterial food. Inulin is a prebiotic. Apart from artichokes and Jerusalem artichokes, inulin is also found in chicory, salsify and other vegetables. A little tip on the side: Due to the high amount of fiber, too much of a good thing has a laxative effect. Feel your way slowly to the tuber.

    3. low carb potato

    Cooked, Jerusalem artichokes are wonderful to make into a puree or sneak into a low carb “potato salad”. The Jerusalem artichoke tuber can also outperform the potato as crispy chips. However, unlike the potato, Jerusalem artichoke can be eaten raw and with the skin. The tuber tastes slightly sweet and very fresh due to the high water content.

    4. nutritional values of Jerusalem artichoke

    Nutritional values per 100 g Jerusalem artichoke Potato
    Calories 30 kcal 76 kcal
    Carbohydrates 4,0 g 14,8 g
    Protein 2,44 g 2,04 g
    Fat 0,41 g 0,11 g
    Dietary fiber 12,1 g 2,07 g

    5. recipes with Jerusalem artichoke

    On Foodpunk you can find a recipe for low carb potato salad with homemade keto mayo. In it Jerusalem artichoke is used together with parsley root.

    You can find a recipe for Jerusalem artichokes with sea salt and rosemary on Springlane.

    And Bettina from Happy Carb even makes Jerusalem artichoke buttermilk rolls from the tuber.

    6. where can I buy Jerusalem artichoke?

    Jerusalem artichoke can be found in many organic stores, for example Basic, Alnatura or Denn’s. Season Jerusalem artichoke is from September to November.

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