Mexican Mealprep Salad in a Jar (Low Carb)

Spicy ground beef with fruity cocktail tomatoes… plus spinach, carrots and romaine lettuce topped with macadamia nuts – this salad is definitely worth another #nomnom! Plus, it’s ideal in a jar for meal prep, takeout and to-go enjoyment.

per portion

8.4 g
8.8 %
Netto Carbs *
32.3 g
35.2 %
51.5 g
56.0 %

Ingredients list

125 g Ground beef
60 g Romaine lettuce
100 g Cocktail tomatoes
60 g Spinach
100 g Carrots
25 g Macadamia
15 g Olive oil
10 ml Apple cider vinegar
Chili flakes
paprika powder (sweet)
Energy 129.5 kcal / 542 kJ
Fat 10.4 g
Protein 6.5 g
Carbohydrate 1.7 g
thereof Carbohydrate (netto) * 1.7 g

* Usable carbohydrates



Brown the minced meat with some of the olive oil in a pan and season with a pinch each of the spices and salt and pepper.

Ground beef (125 g) Olive oil (15 g)

Cut the romaine lettuce into fine strips.

Romaine lettuce (60 g)

Grate the carrot, quarter the cherry tomatoes.

Cocktail tomatoes (100 g) Carrots (100 g)

Make a dressing with apple cider vinegar, the remaining olive oil and again a small pinch of each of the spices.

Apple cider vinegar (10 ml) Chili flakes paprika powder (sweet)

In a large preserving jar, layer the salad as follows: Dressing, romaine lettuce, carrot, spinach, tomato, minced meat, macadamia.

Spinach (60 g) Macadamia (25 g)

Shake well before eating and then enjoy.


Tip: You want a fruity dessert? Crisp fresh apple goes perfectly with it!

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