Foodpunk Challenge – Let us choose

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Delivery time: approx. 10 working days

Product Description

You’re not sure what type of Foodpunk Challenge is right for you? Then we’ll decide for you after you’ve filled out the questionnaire.

IMPORTANT: After your order, you will be given a questionnaire. As soon as you have entered your information and paid, it will take 24-48 hours, and then you will have your meal plan!

We tailor your plan exactly to your goal. Losing weight? Getting in shape? Building muscle? Your wish is our mission!

You get (*):

  • 90 extremely healthy recipes tailored to your energy needs and demand for micronutrients (each individual recipe is calculated to fit you, but the ingredients are already set)
  • A short introduction to the type of diet (the plans are based on a diet of many vegetables, some fruit, healthy (animal!) protein and healthy fat)
  • Info boxes are mixed in throughout the plan (this way, you can acquire exciting nutritional knowledge at the same time)
  • A practical shopping list (just fill in the quantities needed and go!)

In addition, we have created free additional services for all participants:

  • Access to an internal Facebook group for mutual motivation and support
  • Expert support in the Facebook group or by mail
  • Live expert videos on Facebook for questions on the challenge
  • An automatic exchange calculator (in case you can’t have or don’t like certain foods)
  • What comes after the challenge? Tips for long-term healthy nutrition – without the yo-yo effect.

3 euros per day?

  • People will spend this quickly on a coffee to-go. Your health should be worth it to you!
  • Each individual plan gets a handmade final touch
  • Preparation took several months Developing and improving recipes, writing text, translating everything into numbers, calculating, and again translating this into tasty recipes. Taking pictures of each dish, finalizing the design, bringing everything together… and so on. An extreme amount of love and many long nights of work were put into these plans.

Important information:

  • There’s no vegetarian / vegan version yet – current plans are based on the “Paleo” diet–  as this is by far the most effective method of programming and preparing the body for fat burning, long-term weight loss and fitness within 30 days.
  • EVERY dish contains a valuable source of animal protein (either eggs, poultry, meat, or fish)
  • Good meat is on the menu every day
  • The challenge is free of dairy products, sugar substitutes, soy products, and grains (and therefore gluten)
  • If you don’t like eggs, the challenge is possible, but you won’t be able to make all of the recipes; sweet potatoes are also an important component of the plans with 100 g and 50 g carbohydrates
  • However, you can cook each recipe as often as you want and freely exchange between them
  • If you can’t have or don’t like certain foods, you can exchange between them using the exchange calculator
  • The plans come by email as a PDF file

(*) The price of the Foodpunk Challenge is based on the individually made meal plan, which is delivered as a PDF document. All other services are provided by us as voluntary additional services free of charge. This information is subject to change.



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