The Team

Behind Foodpunk is a dynamic and passionate team.

“We are here for our customers! We motivate them and show them that healthy eating is modern, for everyday, effective and delicious”

Marina Lommel – CEO

Nutritionist and founder of Foodpunk

“At Foodpunk, I make available all my experience with customers and in self-experiment, all my knowledge from the study, the work in the laboratory and in the hospital. I want only one thing: to change lives with the best and most effective, individually adapted diet. “

Marina studied nutritional sciences at the TU Munich. As part of her studies, she worked in a laboratory of DZNE, as well as in the neurological department of a clinic. She has written her thesis at the Technical University of Munich on “ketogenic metabolism and ketogenic diets”. Meanwhile, she has brought several thousand consultants and participants of the Foodpunk Challenge to their personal goal. Her fields of expertise are the ketogenic diet, any form of low carb diet, human chronobiology, eating problems, eating disorders, ketogenic diet for epilepsy, neurodegenerative diseases, quantified self, biohacking.

Dr. Cordula Pertl – Customer Support


With her expertise, Cordula is the right contact person for our customers. Cordula provides profound expertise coupled with the passion for helping others.

“The work for Foodpunk gives me the opportunity to further deepen my knowledge in nutritional counseling. That is why I am very happy, together with Marina and the Foodpunk team, to help with advice and action. I hope to accompany you on your way to a healthy, energetic way of life.”

Cordula studied biochemistry at the Technical University of Munich.

After her studies, she worked on the development of therapeutic approaches for “Duchenne muscular dystrophy” during her doctorate.

After a small “intermezzo” as a biology and chemistry lecturer she went into research and development: in a biotechnology company Cordula works in the field of the development of taste cell models. At present, she is also training as a naturopath.

She has been eating paleo, ketogenic and low carb for several years.

Carina Heiderich – Customer Support

Fitness economist

If someone can motivate and advise in matters of nutritional change, then Carina. She herself lost 50 kg. She always stands by our customers with advice and motivation.

“Healthy diet and exercise should be fun and not a burden in everyday life. This feeling and the knowledge I love to pass to our customers. From my own past I know that sometimes only a short stop on the scale is a real disaster for the motivation and the own comfort zone hard to escape. With the Foodpunk team, I support the challengers in the field of motivation and accompany them into a healthy and fit ife. “

Carina studied fitness economics at the University of Prevention and Health Management. After completing her studies, she led a gym. Despite her know-how from her studies, she had a maximum weight of 120 kg in summer 2015. Symptoms such as prolonged drowsiness, difficulty concentrating, headaches and bad skin were her constant companions. At that time, she decided to change her life completely and began to deal extensively with the topic of nutrition. Nutritional forms such as low carb, paleo, ketogenic diet and bulletproof have all been tested and she quickly became aware of Foodpunk. In June 2016 she made her first Foodpunk Challenge. In August 2016 she broke the sound barrier of -50 kg. In October 2016 she ran her first half marathon.

Magdalena Koller – Editorial staff

Nutrition scientist

“I just started to work with Foodpunk and I already feel comfortable in the team.

Working in our team is a lot of fun because it feels like a lot more than work.

I am pleased to have found a place here. The research for our scientific articles leads me into new depths of a topic.

A native of Vienna, she studied nutritional sciences after completing her high school diploma, after a one-year detour to pharmacy. In addition to her studies, she picked up a lot of useful knowledge in her work at a pharmacy. Before starting to work, Magdalena Koller decided to stay abroad for six months in South America. As she herself says, “It was one of the greatest experiences in my life”. In addition to perfect Spanish language skills, she came back to Europe with a lot of enthusiasm for her career. Meanwhile, she lives in Cologne. She has been working for Foodpunk since August.


Sanjana Batalija – Office management


“From my own experience, I know what a great role the diet plays for well-being. TI am hapy to support Foodpunk team to help people – not just to lose weight, but to be healthier and to feel fit and enjoy life. “

After graduating from high school, Sanjana had first decided on a jurisprudence, but then quickly realized that this was not the right thing for her. She then went to Milan for five years, where she also completed her studies of language and cultural studies. Her greatest passion, however, was always nutrition. She would have liked to study in the direction of nutrition during her time in Milan, but the possibility did not arise. However, nutrition still plays an important role. She eats Paleo herself or, for health reasons, currently Paleo according to the autoimmun protocol

Isabella Seitz – Recipe Editor

Communications scientist and personal trainer

It’s about recipe creations? Then Isabella is exactly the right person.

“For me, the Foodpunk Challenges are the best, the coolest and most flexible thing anyone has ever thought about nutrition. No matter what goal you pursue, there is something for everyone and I have incredibly much fun doing a Challenge. In addition, I am almost never sick, have no headache, energy in excess, no cravings and am always satiated.”

Isabella studied media and communication and completed her Master’s degree in September 2017. In addition to her studies, she also worked as a fitness trainer. A few years ago Isabella began to deal with the issue of nutrition. After applying and taken for a Foodpunk shoot, she is a thoroughbred food punk. As a result of her curiosity and her fresh, motivating and creative nature, Isabella now belongs to the Foodpunk team and plays an important role for our recipe creations.

Manuel Lommel – Product development

Marinas brother Manuel supports Foodpunk with product development. Thanks to his support, we launched our own Foodpunk baking mixtures on the market. Even before he “officially” came into the boat, Manuel was always on the spot. Like Marinas parents, he supported Foodpunk selflessly in the initial phase with trips from A to B, folding 400 Advent calendars, washing, sorting pallets and endure chaos. Because there were some phases in the time before Marina had employees, in which was clearly too much for a person to do (cookie action, cupcake shipping, advent calendar madness, popup store …). Thanks!

Daniela Fuß – PR-Management

“Nutrition always interested me. Often I had the feeling that you could not see the forest in front of the trees. Once one diet was supposed to be healthy, then another. Again and again one thought that one had done something wrong. At Foodpunk I have learned and recognized what healthy eating really does. What power does it have? Fascinating, once you have found the right advice. “

Daniela worked as a journalist already during her studies in business administration. This way, she also took up after her studies.

As a sports journalist and presenter, she worked at SPORT1 (formerly DSF) for more than 20 years. She also worked as a presenter for the magazine “avenzio – schöner leben” at ProSieben for four years. In 2014, she went to school bank and studied media management and PR at the Journalistenakademie in Munich. Various projects follow in communication until she landed at Foodpunk and is now responsible for the public relations.